Thursday, September 20, 2007

Scrapbook Page Ideas #3

Finding scrapbook page ideas to implement to your scrapbooking can be such a big pain! You're wanting to create a masterpiece, yet you do not really know how to start. Here are some suggestions to think about:

1) Color – The basic idea for a scrapbook page should be a color. Selecting a single color for your scrapbook pages can be quite complex if you want it to be. There are shades to play with. By experimenting with different shades of a color, you can have variety and yet stick with the same scrapbooking page idea.

Another fun scrapbook page idea that includes colors has you researching their different interpretations. By using colors this way, you can actually have a message that means something special to you.

2) Literature – Think of your favorite piece of literature and implement it in your scrapbook. Taking inspiration from books or a poem is a great scrapbook page idea. You see, authors sometimes picture their characters and stories so meaningfully, that you can actually see them in your mind. By placing these images on paper, you can actually share with people something that your passionate about.

Implementing your scrapbook on a piece of literature can be complicated for some people to understand. You may have to do some explaining before someone gets the idea of what you are trying to bring across in the scrapbook. In doing this, you get to show a part of your soul to the readers. It may also inspire people to take up reading.

3) Characters – Real and nonreal characters abound in the world that one can take inspiration from is another scrapbook page ideas. In using characters, you have two choices: Fiction or non fiction.

  • Fiction – this idea for scrapbooking pages is where you take a fictional character and use that character as an inspiration for your scrapbooking page. Quite the opposite to what many people think, fictional characters are a lot more difficult to research on than actual, living characters.

  • One reason is the fact that different people have various interpretations of them. Take Batman, for example. In the sixties, the TV series showed him as this campy superhero who wears grey and blue spandex. In the 1989 movie, he is a little more brooding, and wears protective armor. In the movie “Batman and Robin” he's portrayed as this not so brooding, talkative character who wears a rubber suit with nipples. See how different people’s perceptions of a fictional character can be?

  • One benefit to this, though, is that you can have more freedom with this idea for a scrapbooking page. You see, not many people will question your interpretation of a fictional character.

  • Non fiction – In this idea for a scrapbook page ideas, you take your inspiration from a real person. It does not truly matter if they are alive or dead. However, remember that people change all the time. Just take a look at Britney Spears and you will probably realize the meaning of this statement.

  • By using real persons as your inspiration, you will be able to provide a whole lot of details on their lives. However, you will not truly have the same freedom as when you are trying to do a fictional character.

4) Activities – Try getting an idea for scrapbooking pages from your favorite activity. Most guys would choose sports and stuff, and nothing is wrong with that. However, you may want to try being different and think outside the box. Select your scrapbook page idea on an interest which no one can really guess. In doing this, you’ll get to have additional fun by having people guess the connection of the page to the activity.

Sometimes, people tend to label us through our activities. However, you might want to prove to others your true depth by showing in your scrapbook that a certain activity doesn't define the “whole” you.

You might want to show, using your scrapbook that even though you enjoy a particular activity, it is only a minor part of your existence and that you have a deeper facet to your personality than being a computer whiz, basketball jock and other stereotypical labels.

There you got it! Those are just some scrapbook page ideas you might think about trying out. Through trying out different things before you actually use them, you can see if those scrapbook page ideas fit your personality.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Scrapbook Page Ideas #2

Here's scrapbook page ideas #2
Ok, here I go! I have shopped already for all of my scrap book supplies. The pictures are set out that are going to be used in my scrapbook. Everything is ready to go on top of the table - papers, pens, scissors, adhesive, album, embellishments, etc. But, I'm just sitting here staring blankly at the first scrapbook page. I know what theme I want to do, but I'm having trouble getting it started.

So, here's how my scrapbook page ideas are going to happen.

First, I am arranging the photos and embellishments on top of the scrapbook page, but no adhesive will be used on anything as yet so that I can change the arrangement if I need to. Everything will be glued once I have decided I like the way the page looks.

Now, take the first scrapbook page, the pictures have already been selected that are going to be used on that page. I think I will use the grouping of 4 pictures. Maybe on the next page I might use the grouping of 5 for variation.

A color of paper is being selected that will compliment the pictures I have chosen for my scrapbook page. It is being used as a background that would make the pictures stand out. On second thought, I think I'll look on the internet to get some ideas for a background. There are printable backgrounds that can be downloaded if I find
one I like. After looking on the internet, I did find one that was more interesting than what I had - so I got it. This background was more conductive to the theme on this page.

One of the four pictures is going to be used as a focal point and the other 3 will be placed around it. A border could be used to highlight the pictures. Double or triple matting would make a nice border. I'll try both before I make a decision on this. Also, other scrappers have shaped their own photos into squares, circles,
rectangles, or ovals. I haven't decided yet if I'll do that. There still is time to make a decision on that before everything is glued on the page.

Decorations are being placed on the scrapbook page. I don't want to over flood the page though. I'm rearranging the decoration and taking some off of the page. I decided to go on the internet looking for scrapbook page ideas to help me with this layout. Yes, I found some layouts that I liked which will help me improve upon my own layout. Thank you internet for this easy access!

I'm, now, looking at the page as a whole, before I permanently glue, to see if any details need to be added or taken out. I'm, also, checking that the symmetry of the page looks balanced.

I'm going to write information about the pictures telling of the experiences we had and adding any thoughts I have about it. I'm writing this on sheet of paper so I can get it down right and once I have my scrapbook page ideas set and the page looks good, I'll glue things on the page and then I'll write what I have on this sheet unto
the scrapbook page.

Oh, I decided that I'm not going to shape the pictures, I'm just going to leave them as they are.

Well, the first page is finished, finally. Do I like the look. Yes, but I must say that I pulled a lot of my scrapbook page ideas from looking on the internet at samples.

This article has provided scrapbook page ideas to help my visitors to my blog and myself with creating scrapbook pages.

Check out this website called My Scrapbooking Secrets -
scrapbook page ideas

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Scrapbook Page Ideas - My First...

Scrapbook page ideas is what I'm looking for, but first....
After looking at samples of scrapbooks online, I can tell the the days of just putting pictures on a black page are gone. Scrapbooking is a lot more creative these days. A variety of colored backgrounds, paper upon paper, textured look, embellishments, as they are called, are used on scrapbooking pages.

There's a main reason for scrapbooking and that is for keeping memories that takes you back in time. It is lots of fun creating precious moment pages that preserve your past. The photo, journal entry, caption, and note captures that moment.

Developing scrapbook page ideas can be frustrating because it is difficult to create an idea. It might become easier once I find my style. So what are my personal taste in designing my scrapbook page? Knowing this will help make my scrapbook layout work for me.<

So I ask myself, "How am I going to do it?" And the looking at others' scrapbook layouts. I can get scrapbook page ideas from observing online examples or scrapbooking magazines. From that I can get a general idea of my style. When I find examples that I like I can do something similar on my scrapbook pages or pull concepts to mode into my own original idea.

Another way to find my style is to make a mood board. By putting my selection of fabric swatches, a variety of colored backgrounds, and embellishments on a mood board, I will get an impression on how my concept will look. When I find a look that I like, then I'll get the idea of the layout that I will design for my page.

I'll select accent colors taken from my photo to make the page appealing to the eye. It will make the picture stand out. By using the mood board I can experiment on different hue combinations to find which accents I like on the scrapbook page.

Upon searching websites, I found this website that I thought might interest you in getting more scrapbook page ideas.

This article has provided scrapbook page ideas to help my visitors of my blog and myself with creating scrapbook pages.